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Course Title Day Time Fee
CCB1 Additional Banquet Ticket for Guest Sa 6:30p-9:00p $100.00
RT100 Lecture/Q&A Attracting the right client Th 7:30p-8:30p $15.00
AY100 DEMO - Realistic Face Sculpting Th 7p-9p $87.00
GC100 Lovely Lisianthus Th 7p-8p $17.00
KL100 Fresh Floral Designs for Cakes Th 7p-9p $7.00
LM100 Dragon Scales Th 7p-9p $117.00
MA100 Easy Life-like Grape Bunch Th 7p-9p $104.00
MM100 Cake Structure Workshop - Falling Waitress Th 7p-9p $67.00
PT100 Wafer paper flowers Th 7p-9p $60.00
RR100 Hawaiian Party Cake Th 7p-9p $82.00
SG100 Blown Peacock Demo Th 7p-8:30p $15.00
ST100 What a Hoot Th 7p-9p $57.00
AY101 DEMO - Demistifying the Hanging Cake Structure F 8a-9a $67.00
GC101 Gorgeous Giant Rose F 8a-12p $87.00
KL101 Lange/ Lambeth (Mini) 101 & 201 Boot Camp F 8a-12p $95.00
LM101 Dapper Groom F 8a-12p $257.00
MB100 Isomalt Balloon Topper F 8a-12p $145.00
MM101 Cake Structure Workshop - Sitting Dog F 8a-10a $67.00
RR101 Succulents in Gumpaste F 8a-11a $97.00
Sold Out SC100 Bathing Beauty Cake Topper F 8a-12p $117.00
SG101 Isomalt Carousel with the Mat included in the Class! F 8a-2p $164.00
WS100 Art Deco F 8a-8p $240.00
Sold Out AY102 Modeled Cupcake Topper Characters with Style F 9:30a-11a $67.00
ST101 You Can't Catch Me... F 9:30a-11:30a $107.00
MM102 Cake Structure Workshop - Running Character F 10:30a-12:30p $67.00
RR102 Dusting for Dummies F 11:30a-1:30p $82.00
ST102 Painting Party F 12p-8p $265.00
Sold Out AY103 Magicial Woodland Tree Stump Cake with Lights F 1p-4:30p $172.00
KL102 Wedding Cake /Gown Embellishing Techniques F 1p-3p $75.00
LM102 Old Hollywood Bride F 1p-5p $257.00
MB101 Cocoa Butter Painting (Blue & White) F 1p-5p $145.00
Sold Out PT101 Beautiful Geodes and Corals F 1p-4p $90.00
RH100 Woodland Blackberries F 1p-6p $115.00
Sold Out DP100 Pressure Piped Plaque F 1:30p-4:30p $127.00
BR100 Powder Color Painting Techniques F 2:30p-6:30p $157.00
Sold Out TU100 Gelatin Swan F 3p-5p $49.00
Sold Out TD100 Needlepoint Design and TruColor F 4p-8p $142.00
Sold Out PT102 Fall Harvest Grapes, Pumpkins and Leaves F 4:30p-8:30p $90.00
LB100 Money Making Buttercream Cakes F 5:30p-8:30p $60.00
AY104 Stylized Water Color Portrait F 6p-8p $97.00
MM103 Cake Structure Workshop - Extreme Topsy Turvy F 6p-8p $67.00
Sold Out SC101 Candyland F 6p-9p $117.00
SG102 Isomalt Sleigh with Mold Included F 6p-8p $106.00
Sold Out RH101a Begonia Rex leaves F 6:30p-8:30p $107.00
RR103 Stringwork for Dummies F 7p-9p $77.00
BR101 Dr. Huguito Sa 8a-5p $415.00
Sold Out DP101 Royal Icing Piped Cameos Sa 8a-11a $127.00
KL103 Lange/ Lambeth (Mini) 301 & 401 Boot Camp Sa 8a-12p $95.00
LM103 Cat in the Hat Topper Sa 8a-12p $232.00
Sold Out MB102 Airbrush Techniques Sa 8a-12p $145.00
MM104 Cake Structure Workshop - Standing Dino Sa 8a-10a $67.00
Sold Out RH101b Begonia Rex leaves Sa 8a-10a $0.00
RR104 Cowboys & Indians Themed Cake Sa 8a-11a $102.00
SC103 3D Christmas Cookie Penguin Sa 8a-11a $92.00
SG103 Stained Glass Isomalt Sa 8a-12p $126.00
Sold Out TU101 1920's Cloche Hat Mini Cakes Sa 8a-12p $110.00
MM105 DEMO - Mike Charges How Much??? Sa 10:30a-12:30p $50.00
RH102 Apple Blossom Twig Sa 11a-4p $107.00
PT103 Chocolate Fantasies Flowers and Bows Sa 11:30a-2:30p $80.00
RT101 Demo: Edible Geode Separator Sa 12p-2p $55.00
SC102 Florence the Dancing Flamingo Sa 12p-4p $97.00
AY105 Sushi Platter Cake Sa 1p-3:30p $96.00
SG104 Blown Isomalt Pumpkin Carriage Sa 1p-5p $126.00
ST103 Abra-Ka-Dabra Sa 1p-5p $157.00
Sold Out TD101 Lace Design Sa 1p-5p $142.00
Sold Out WS101 FabuLace (tm) Fantasy Flowers Sa 1p-5p $136.00
LM104 Cocoa Butter Eye Sa 1:30p-4:30p $182.00
PT104 Piping 101 Sa 3p-5p $60.00
RT102 A Collection of Geodes Sa 3p-5p $100.00
Sold Out DP102 Piping Skills 1 Plaque Su 8a-11a $132.00
GC102 Delightful Dahlia Su 8a-12p $87.00
Sold Out KL104 New! Victorian Edible Antique Brooch Bouquet Su 8a-12p $105.00
MB103 Airbrush Techniques Su 8a-12p $145.00
MM106 Cake Structure Workshop - Standing Stork Su 8a-10a $67.00
PT105 Beautiful Pulling Sugar Lilly Flowers and Ribbons Su 8a-12p $125.00
RR105 Trends in Wedding Cakes Su 8a-11a $102.00
Sold Out SC104 Buttercream and Fondant Succulents Su 8a-12p $117.00
Sold Out ST104 Fun in the Tropics Su 8a-2p $215.00
Sold Out TD102 Winter Landscape Design Su 8a-12p $142.00
Sold Out TU102 Gelatin Peacock Su 8a-11a $75.00
WS102 Steampunk Top Hat Su 8a-12p $136.00
Sold Out AY106 Wafer Paper Quilling - Rainbow Heart Plaque Su 11:30a-1:30p $76.00
LB101 Fondant Sea Creatures-Quick and Easy Su 11:30a-2:30p $60.00