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JA101 Cake Mechanics.
Spaces Left: 19
Presenter: Jörg Amsler
Medium: Structural supports
Room: Room 12
Type: Time: Fee:
Hands-On Sa 8a-3p $155.00
Description: Cake Mechanics are one of the most underrated and yet important knowledge a cake artist needs to know to create large and tall custom cakes and tackle 3D projects. This is not about stacking a wedding cake. This is a quick guide on how to use the right materials, tools and most important how to use them and make support systems that are strong and reliable. The cake starts here. If you're not spot on with your support systems it will be a chain reaction and mess up things down the line. Keep in mind that often we have to deliver cakes over bumpy roads and have to make sure they stay in one piece. Learn about different piping, hardware, glues, tools and electrical devices for special effects.
Available Supplies: None
Provided Supplies: Everything

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