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MB102 Hand Painted Hogwarts Crest Cookies
Spaces Left: FULL
Presenter: Michelle Boyd
Medium: Cocoa Butter Painting
Room: Room 2
Type: Time: Fee:
Hands-On Sa 3p-7p $150.00
Description: One of the hottest trends in the sweets world right now is hand-painting on cookies and cakes. In this 4 hour class, you'll learn the tips and tricks of hand painting with cocoa butter on royal icing and fondant to create these detailed Hogwarts Crests. In this class, we'll create at least one full color Hogwarts House Crest Cookie. (or more as time permits.) You'll learn how to control the medium, tips for mixing and applying colors and some painting basics. We'll also cover using a Pico projector with an Arkon mount so you'll be a pro at handling all that fine detail with ease. All skill levels are welcome (I'm not kidding!) and all materials will be provided for use during class. Each student will receive 4 cookies to complete at their own pace.
Available Supplies: None
Provided Supplies: All materials included

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