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MS101 Chocolate Poinsettia Arrangement
Spaces Left: FULL
Presenter: Mari Senaga
Medium: Modeling Chocolate, Noodles
Room: Room 1
Type: Time: Fee:
Hands-On F 8a-4p $215.00
Description: In this class you will learn how to, handle and work with modeling chocolate to create 2 types of poinsettia (classical red and Jingle Bells), Pine boughs, Pine Cones, and Standard Holly, with berries. Students will learn how to make each component come to life by adding color and shading. Students will assemble all the parts in to a beautiful arrangement.
Available Supplies: Pen
Provided Supplies: All supplies will be provided by Instructor Supplies: Non-stick Mat Small Rolling Pin Cel Pad or rubber sponge pad Gum paste Tools (large ball tool) Powdered sugar (place in nylon to keep tidy) Corn Syrup Paste colors Saifun Noodles Maple leaf veining mat (FMM) Small sharp tipped scissors Selections of brushes Small Spatula Cutters; Sunflower Sugar Arts- Poinsettia cutter set Petal dusts Modeling Chocolate Cutting board Ribbon cutter or small knife Small pair of scissors Razor blade (in paint scraper handle) Selections of brushes.

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