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MS103 Chocolate Clematis
Spaces Left: 3
Presenter: Mari Senaga
Medium: Modeling Chocolate
Room: Room 1
Type: Time: Fee:
Hands-On Sa 12p-4p $155.00
Description: Learn how to create the beautiful showy Star Clematis. With large 6" blossoms, buds and foliage. In this class. You will learn how to handle and work with modeling chocolate to create this flowers and foliage, and then bring them to life using colors, and shading. Finally you will be shown how to assemble them in to a stunning arrangement.
Available Supplies: Pen
Provided Supplies: All supplies provided by instructor. Supplies: Non-stick Mat, Small Rolling Pin, Cel Pad or rubber sponge pad, Pointed stick, or rounded chop stick, Powdered sugar (place in nylon to keep tidy), Corn Syrup, Paste colors, Flower Formers; Apple Cups, and paint pallet tray Small Spatula, Razor blade Selections of brushes, Cutters; Large (3" Daisy 8 petal), small, medium, large Daisy cutter set, 2" and 2.5 - 3" elongated leaf cutter Modeling Chocolate, Petal dusts, Paint brushes, Round fluffy, flat edge, small round pointed.

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