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LM100 Dragon Scales
Spaces left 7
Presenter Liz Marek
Medium Gumpaste, fondant, gold leaf, edible watercolor
Room Modena 2
Level Type Time Fee
Hands-On Th 7p-9p $117.00
Description Description: In this hands-on class, students will learn to make these gorgeous dragon scales and color them so they have a rainbow, iridescent look. Techniques will be flat on a cake board but Liz will explain how to apply to a cake.
Required none
Provided Class Materials (all provided) Sheet of very thin dried gum paste (white) 1/2 lb dark purple fondant 4 sheets gold leaf small rolling pin Everclear 4 cups Water Cup Flat paintbrush 4 medium round paint brushes Turquoise, electric purple, electric pink and yellow edible food color

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