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LM103 Cat in the Hat Topper
Spaces left 4
Presenter Liz Marek
Medium Modeling Chocolate
Room Modena 2
Level Type Time Fee
Hands-On Sa 8a-12p $232.00
Description Do you want to create toppers that look like they are defying gravity? In this intensive 4 hour class, I will teach you how to build an armature, make it food safe, construct details out of fondant and make our cat in the hat out of modeling chocolate and paint our final piece. You can use these same principles to build any type of free-standing topper with fondant or modeling chocolate.
Required none
Provided Class Materials (all provided) 12 9 gauge armature wire 12 12 gauge armature wire Aluminum foil tape 1/2 lb white modeling chocolate 4 oz red fondant 4 oz blue fondant 1 oz black fondant rainbow dust black food paint Ruler Wire cutters modeling tool water cup paint brush baby wipes

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