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TU102 Gelatin Peacock
Spaces left FULL
Presenter Tami Utley
Medium gelatin, fondant
Room Messina 2
Level Type Time Fee
Hands-On Su 8a-11a $75.00
Description Learn to make this beautiful gelatin sitting atop a simple elegant cake. You'll learn the latest trend of using gelatin with Simi Transfer sheets and making and manipulating gelatin bubbles from the original creator. Then we'll cover and decorate a small cake for the peacock to perch upon. This is a new technique with gelatin that can be used for many other animals/shapes and the gelatin can be stored for months ready to place onto a cake at any time.
Required 8" box to take home project.
Provided Gelatin, Simi Transfer Sheets, fondant, dummies, textured mats.

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