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Thursday, October 10, 2019  
Left  Class# Time Class Title Presenter Cost 
24  PT100  6p-9p  Fantasy Flowers  Peggy Tucker  $78.00
15  SS100  6p-7p  Limelight Hydtrangea  Shaile Socher  $7.00
22  ST100  6p-9p  Brush Embroidery   Susan Trianos  $90.00
22  SX100  6p-9p  Wafer Paper Rose Class  Shruti Saxena  $130.00
23  BK100  6:30p-9p  Paris in the Spring- Glaze Sugar Cookies  Breanna Kealey  $63.00
24  MS100  6:30p-8:30p  Gumpaste Bonsai for all seasons - Demo  Mari Senaga  $75.00
10  TU100  7p-8:30p  Basic Gelatin Bubbles  Tami Utley  $50.00
13  AW100  8p-9p  Italian Meringue Buttercream Demo  Anna Weisend  $12.00
Friday, October 11, 2019  
Left  Class# Time Class Title Presenter Cost 
24 AW101  8a-12p  Angel Wings  Anna Weisend  $160.00
19 MB100  8a-12p  Hand painted Floral Wreath Cookies  Michelle Boyd  $150.00
24 MS101  8a-4p  Chocolate Poinsettia Arrangement  Mari Senaga  $215.00
24 PT101  8a-12p  Christmas Bow and Candy Canes  Peggy Tucker  $100.00
23 ST101  8a-11a  Piping 101  Susan Trianos  $90.00
22 JC100  8:30a-12:30p  Quilled Snowflake  Julie Conrad  $125.00
20 JA100  9a-4p  Harry Potter Book  Jörg Amsler  $155.00
14 OB100  9a-4p  Master Class Classic Overpiping  Osires Barbosa  $200.00
24 ST102  12p-4p  Shark Attack Cookie Class  Susan Trianos  $110.00
23 BK101  1:00p-3:30p  Geometric Succulent: Glaze Sugar Cookies  Breanna Kealey  $63.00
24 CB100A  1p-4p  Fillers Front and Centre - Part I  Chrissie Boon  $195.00
20 PT102  1p-4p  Just Gotta love String work  Peggy Tucker  $78.00
Saturday, October 12, 2019  
Left  Class# Time Class Title Presenter Cost 
24 AW102  8a-9a  Chihuly Inspired Topper Demo  Anna Weisend  $12.00
24 JA101  8a-3p  Cake Mechanics.   Jörg Amsler  $155.00
15 MB101  8a-12p  Airbrushing For Cookies  Michelle Boyd  $185.00
24 MS102  8a-11a  Chocolate Hibiscus  Mari Senaga  $135.00
14 OB101  8a-5p  Belle in Green  Osires Barbosa  $220.00
11 PG100  8a-11a  Fiesta Cake  V. Pepsy Garcia  $130.00
23 PT103  8a-12p  Pumpkins and Fall grapes  Peggy Tucker  $83.00
24 SS101  9a-1p  Statement Cymbidium Orchid  Shaile Socher  $160.00
22 AW103  9:30a-12:30p  Beautiful Music  Anna Weisend  $75.00
24 MS103  12p-4p  Chocolate Clematis  Mari Senaga  $155.00
22 ST103  12p-8p  Chubby Little Cubby  Susan Trianos  $270.00
23 BK102  1p-3:30p  Hello Fall- Glaze Sugar Cookies  Breanna Kealey  $63.00
23 CB100B  1:30p-4:30p  Fillers Front and Centre - Part II  Chrissie Boon  $0.00
24 SX101  2p-8p  Bean Paste Flower Class  Shruti Saxena  $315.00
22 MB102  3p-7p  Hand Painted Hogwarts Crest Cookies  Michelle Boyd  $150.00
23 AT100  4p-8p  Baking Business Bootcamp: The Road to Sweet Success  Alana Thomas  $160.00
24 SS102  4:30p-8:30p  Romantic Rose  Shaile Socher  $185.00
23 AW104  5p-8p  Potted Pansy  Anna Weisend  $75.00
14 CB101  6p-9p  Business of Cake  Chrissie Boon  $57.00
23 MS104  6p-7p  Dinner Plate Dahlia Demo  Mari Senaga  $32.00
Sunday, October 13, 2015  
Left  Class# Time Class Title Presenter Cost 
24 CB102  8a-11a  Splish Splash  Chrissie Boon  $95.00
24 MS105  8a-10a  Chocolate Curly Fantasy Lavender  Mari Senaga  $100.00
14 OB102  8a-5p  Wedding in Lila  Osires Barbosa  $205.00
20 ST104  8a-11p  Ice Cream Drip Cake  Susan Trianos  $110.00
23 PT104  11a-3p  Butterflies in Flight  Peggy Tucker  $83.00
24 JA102  12p-8p  Leather Works  Jörg Amsler  $205.00
23 NL100  12p-5p  High top Tennis Shoe Class  Nancy Linstead  $100.00
23 ST105  12p-3p  Spidey Webs  Susan Trianos  $110.00
11 TU101  12p-4p  Bubble Buddy Rudy the Reindeer  Tami Utley  $110.00
22 PT105  4p-8p  LILLY AND RIBBONS  Peggy Tucker  $100.00
24 ST106  4p-8p  Pressure Piping  Susan Trianos  $135.00
24 SS103  5p-8p  Frangrant Gardenia  Shaile Socher  $160.00
23 BK103  6-7:30p  DEMO- How to use a Pico Projector on Cookies   Breanna Kealey  $7.00
14 AW105  6p-7p  Zenflower Demo  Anna Weisend  $17.00