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Michelle Boyd

Chicago area native Michelle Boyd, owner of Good Gracious Cakes, has ALWAYS loved dessert. About 12 years ago, she realized that she could combine her 2 passions - art and dessert, and she made the switch from graphic designer & illustrator to full-time sugar artist. Since then, you may have seen her on several television shows on TLC and Food Network, most recently "Duff Til Dawn" and "Outrageous Wedding Cakes." Michelle's award winning cake designs have also been featured in several magazines and blogs including Cake Masters Magazine, Sweet and Cake Wrecks-Sunday Sweets. Michelle was named one of the Top Ten Cake Artists in North America for 2014 by "Dessert Professional" magazine. In addition to teaching classes in various sugar mediums, she creates elaborate edible showpieces at various corporate events and festivals around the country.

MB100 Hand painted Floral Wreath Cookies
MB101 Airbrushing For Cookies
MB102 Hand Painted Hogwarts Crest Cookies